Total output of the largest pharmaceutical company, Pharmaceutical factory “BORISOVSKIY ZAVOD MEDICINSKIKH PREPARATOV”, JSC, is concentrated on three large departments: ampoule, galenic and tablet.

New drugs start out on the shelves of pharmacies from production technology laboratory – they are developed and implemented into production here. At every stage, control of production is performed by two laboratories equipped with upto- date equipment: analytical and microbiological.

Drug production is a labor intensive, multistage process. Therefore, in addition to the actual sites for the medicines production at the enterprise, there are some support services: printing-cardboard department, mechanical-repair department, electrical department, instrumentation and automation area, repair and construction area, transport department and vehicle fleet.

Besides, the plant is actively involved in a project, unique not only for Belarus, but also for the entire CIS, – production of haemodialyzers at Frebor Belarusian- German Joint Enterprise.