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The main mission of this site is to provide information about the Borisov Plant of Medical Preparations and its products.

The target audience of our site are: doctors and students of medical universities, pharmacists and patients.

All materials on the site, are posted and published by administrators and editors of the site that have a specialization in the pharmacist, and the editors of the site bear all responsibility for their content.

  • All materials on the site are unique (copywriting).

The editor of the site is – Rudzenka V. Catherine (pharmacist). Email –

The administration of the site of JSC “BPMP” takes the final decision on the placement of certain materials of the site.

In case of publication of other people’s works, the author and the source of information are indicated at the end of the article.

  • Our website does not violate intellectual property rights. Administration of the site in violation of someone’s copyright by the editors of the site on those or other materials, can facilitate their removal from the site. In order to avoid misunderstanding, we ask you to inform us about your exclusive property rights to the published materials.

The content of the website is based on reliable and open sources and, if possible, as much as possible in accordance with the principles of Evidence-Based Medicine. All works are supplied with the date of creation and the date of the last update.

Please note that the medicines listed in our articles should be taken only after consultation with a medical specialist. Do not self-medicate, in order not to worsen the initial state of health!

The information provided by this website is intended to support, and not to replace, the existing relationship between the patient and his or her attending physician.

The site belongs to JSC “BPMP” and you can contact us through the “Feedback Form”

Date of change: 01/29/2018

Privacy Policy of JSC “BPMP”

JSC “BPMP” pays great attention to your confidentiality, therefore, we are responsible and serious about protecting the information that you provide to us in the process of interaction with our site. In this regard, we have developed a Privacy Policy page to give you a clear idea of ​​what information we are requesting and how to use it.

General information:

The information you provide (e-mail address, name, password) is strictly confidential, not sold or disclosed to third parties, but will be used to provide you with the services described on our website.

Email address privacy:

  • Subscription forms for alerts. JSC “BPMP” uses the subscription forms for users who request information by subscribing to email notifications on the topics that interest them. We request contact information (such as full name and / or email address) in order to provide you with the information you requested. We do not sell or divulge email addresses to third parties.
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  • Unsubscribing. You can unsubscribe or unsubscribe from any newsletters that you subscribed to earlier. The e-mail you receive will contain the information necessary to cancel the subscription.
  • Communication with users. When you send us your email address or other contact information, we can save this information for processing your requests.

Personal information and other information requested by us

  • JSC “BPMP” requests personal information, such as full name and email address, when you register for various services provided by us (for example, access to the “Files” section). We can combine the information received from you with the information of third parties in order to ensure you the most valuable use of the services of our site.
  • Servers of JSC “BPMP” can automatically record / save information every time you visit the site or use any of our products or services. This can be information such as your IP address, URL, browser type, domain name, operating system, source country, language, pages viewed and user sessions.
  • Currently, we use Google Analytics to analyze the audience of the site. Google Analytics does not collect personal information about users. For more information about the Google Analytics Privacy Policy, please go to:
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Ways of using the information received:

  • We can share statistical, non-personalized information with third parties.
  • We can use your mail and email addresses to send you information regarding your use of our services.
  • We can conduct surveys among users in order to improve the quality of our services.


This site contains links to third-party sites that are not covered by our privacy policy. We try to ensure the activity of these links, but we are not responsible for the content of these sites. We strongly recommend that you read the privacy policy of these sites too.

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Advertising policy of the site of JSC “BPMP”

The site of JSC “BPMP” does not place advertising on the site and does not receive income from their placement.

This website is financed exclusively by the funds of JSC “BPMP” and has no other sources of financing.

Users of the site and moderator do not have the right to advertise on the site.

Date of change: 01/29/2018