For investors

Dear partners! OAO BZMP is always open for cooperation and implementation of joint projects with investors.

Borisov Medical Products Plant Open Joint-Stock Company (OAO BZMP) is the largest manufacturer and exporter of broad-spectrum drugs in the Republic of Belarus.
OAO BZMP produces more than 250 names of drugs of 12 pharmacotherapeutic groups.
The annual production volume is over 5 billion tablets, more than 200 million capsules, more than 15 million packs of ointments, more than 15 million bottles of tinctures and solutions, 300 million ampoules with injectable solutions, 40.0 million bottles of antibiotics.
Every year more than 50% of the products are exported.

The main goal of BZMP development is to ensure the production of import-substituting and export-oriented drugs to best meet the needs of health care institutions and the population of the Republic of Belarus in effective, safe and high-quality highly effective drugs, which are more affordable analogues of imported drugs. production.

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Attention partners!
JSC "BZMP" offers the provision of services for the production (packaging) of drugs of solid and soft forms, liquid phytochemicals, solutions and antibiotic powders for injection.


Reliable partner in more than 20 countries
Production lines and quality control system are equipped with the latest technology
The constant search for innovative solutions in the production of medicines
More than 300 highly qualified specialists involved in the implementation of promising projects
Established system of logistics and storage of manufactured products
Flexibility in making decisions to create conditions for comfortable cooperation