«BZMP» OJSC is primarily concerned about the quality assurance and quality control of the manufactured medical preparations. Manufacturing facilities and conditions for production of  medical preparations  comply with the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). The company has thorough and ongoing  assessment of the effectiveness of the current pharmaceutical  quality system , which includes:

  • quality management system;
  • good manufacturing practice (GMP);
  • quality control;
  • quality-related risk management;
  • regular and periodic assessment of the product quality.

Quality assurance and quality control of the products are performed at all manufacturing stages by a specialized quality service, which includes:

  • Quality Assurance Department;
  • Quality Control Department, consisting of a control group, as well as analytical and microbiological laboratories.

The company laboratories have been accredited within the accreditation system of the Republic of Belarus and have been granted  the right to use the accreditation mark, as well as heve been provided with technical regulatory and legal acts, organizational and methodological documentation, testing procedures and modern highly selective and highly sensitive equipment. This fact ensures a high level of testing, from input control of raw materials and packaging materials to control of intermediate and finished products for the compliance with specifications, as well as microbiological monitoring of the manufacturing process.

«BZMP» OJSC is aware of  its responsibility to consumers for safety and efficiency of the
medical preparations. Quality of our products contributes to  consumers’ health and is the guarantee of the future of our Company. «BZMP» OJSC was awarded the Prize of the Government of the Republic of Belarus for quality  of its products.

The pharmacovigilance system was introduced and operates at «BZMP» OJSC in accordance with the international standards and  law requirements towards medicinal products of the Republic of Belarus. Pharmacovigilance is the activity aimed at identification, evaluation, understanding and prevention of  adverse consequences of the use of medical products. The main objective of the pharmacovigilance system is to control the safety of preparations, timely identify all changes in the evaluation of the medical preparations according to benefit-risk ratio, develop and implement measures to ensure  safety of the use of medical preparations when the risk exceeds the benefit. The Company has been continuously getting feedback and collecting information regarding safety of the manufactured medical preparations. Collection, evaluation and reaction to all reports of adverse reactions related to the use of medical preparations, manufactured by «BZMP» OJSC, are performed at the company on the regular basis.

Contacts of the pharmacovigilance service of «BZMP» OJSC:

Tel/Fax: +375 177 73-06-37
Tel: +375-44-597-75-77