About the company

Today, «Borisov Plant of Medical Preparations» OJSC has a good reason to boast of of its status as the leader of pharmaceutical industry with more than half-century history in the Republic of Belarus.

The professional activity of the three-thousand-strong company staff is aimed at the development and production of modern, effective and high-quality medicines.

The mission of «Borisov Plant of Medical Preparations» OJSC  is to protect, strengthen  restore people’s health.

Medical preparations manufactured by the company successfully compete both in domestic and foreign markets.

High quality and efficiency of preparations manufactured by «Borisov Plant of Medical Preparations» OJSC are known far beyond the borders of the Republic of Belarus. More than 50% of  the products are exported annually to the CIS and Baltic countries, Afghanistan, Georgia, Iraq, Serbia, Macedonia, Mongolia, the USA and others (more than 20 countries), which confirms the strong trust that foreign consumers put in our products

The Company is planning to expand its sales geography by entering Southeast Asia markets, in particular Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and others. This move is supported  by active introduction and improvement of the company pharmaceutical quality assurance system, expansion of the manufactured medical preparations product line, as well as by continuously upgraded manufacturing process in accordance with GMP standards.

About 300 names of  popular medical preparations from 12 pharmacotherapeutic groups are manufactured today at «Borisov Plant of Medical Preparations» OJSC . The product range is boosted by 10-12 new products each year. Production sites are equipped with the most modern high-tech equipment of the leading world manufacturers such as I. M. A. Industry Macchine Automatiche S. p.A. (Italy), G. F. S. p.A.(Italy), CAMPAK Poland Sp. z o.o. (Poland), A. M. R. P. Handels AG (Switzerland), Dividella AG (Switzerland), which provides for  manufacture of top quality medical preparations.

More than 5.5 billion tablets, 300 million ampoules, 200 million capsules, 50 million flasks of antibiotics as sterile powder, 15 million tubes of ointments and gels, 16 million flasks of tinctures and alcoholic solutions are manufactured annually.

All those products are meant for  human health protection and improvement  both in the Republic of Belarus, and in many foreign countries!