The heart of our factory is its production facilities. The production sites are equipped with the cutting edge  high-tech equipment of the leading world manufacturers such as I. M. A. Industry Macchine Automatiche S. p.A. (Italy), G. F. S. p.A. (Italy), CAMPAK Poland Sp. z o.o. (Poland), A. M. R. P. Handels AG  (Switzerland), Dividella AG (Switzerland), which provides manufacturing of high-quality medical preparations.

Medical preparations manufactured by the Company successfully compete both in the domestic and foreign markets.

About 300 names of popular medical preparations from 12 pharmacotherapeutic groups are manufactured today at «Borisov Plant of Medical Preparations» OJSC for consumers in the Republic of Belarus, as well as for the CIS and other foreign markets. The product range expands by 10-12 new items each year.

More than 5.5 billion tablets, 300 million ampoules, 200 million capsules, 50 million flasks of antibiotics as sterile powders, 15 million tubes of ointments and gels, 16 million flasks of tinctures and alcoholic solutions are manufactured annually. All those products are intended for the benefit of people’s health both in the Republic of Belarus and in many countries all over the world!


Set up in 1965  the company initially  specialized in manufacturing of liquid phytochemical, alcohol and oil medical preparations, ointments and gels. The history of «Borisov Plant of Medical Preparations» OJSC success and accomplishments began particularly from this manufacturing procedure. The years of 2009–2011 saw large-scale modernization with the introduction of modern technologies for the medical preparations manufacturing process. Nowadays the manufacturing facilities provide the annual output of 15 million tubes of  ointments and gels, 16 million vials of tinctures and alcohol solutions for 47 names of the popular  medical preparations.


Manufacturing of ampouled solutions for injections was commissioned for operation in 1991 and became a significant move towards expanding the range of products manufactured by «Borisov Plant of Medical Preparations» OJSC. The existing manufacturing of injection solutions was reconstructed in accordance with the requirements of good manufacturing practice (GMP) in 2004–2006. As the result of this large-scale investment project, all manufacturing equipment was upgraded and the technology of ampoules syringe filling was introduced.

A new ampoule manufacturing line was commissioned for operation in June 2018 as the result of the next stage of the reconstruction. All main and auxiliary stages of the technological process are maximally mechanized and automated due to the introduction of modern high-performance equipment from the leading manufacturers.

The capacity of the reconstructed facility provides the means to manufacture 90 million ampoules per year. In general, 300 million ampoules of  45 names of preparations are manufactured annually at the modernized injection solutions facility.


Manufacturing of medical preparation solid dosage forms is one of the traditional activities of «Borisov Plant of Medical Preparations»OJSC. The Company has always kept up to date due to the timely modernization and expansion of  its product range. 

Thus, a new production building for manufacturing of solid dosage forms fully complying with the international standards of good manufacturing practice (GMP) was commissioned  in December 2013. The new building houses  modern equipment of the leading global manufacturers which provides  the output of more than 5.5 billion tablets and 200 million capsules in a hard gelatin shells of 112 names of medical preparations.


Manufacturing of antibiotic powders for injections in vials was launched at «Borisov Plant of Medical Preparations» OJSC in 1995 A new facility complying with the international standards (GMP) for manufacturing of antibiotic powders for injections  in flasks was commissioned  in December 2015 within the framework of another investment project. Manufactured high-quality sterile medical preparations are competitive both in domestic and foreign markets. The new facility is a six-storey structure. Its  third and fifth floors accommodate  main manufacturing equipment for production of cephalosporins group preparations. The latest highly efficient, operating in the automatic mode  equipment has been made by well-known manufacturing companies from Italy, Russia, China, and South Korea. High-speed line for manufacturing of cephalosporins has the capacity for filling of up to 18 thousand flasks per hour. All manufacturing stages from water treatment to finished products storage and shipment comply with the international requirements of good manufacturing practice (GMP). 

The existing state-of-the-art manufacturing of antibiotic powders for injections in flasks ensures annual output of 50 million flasks of antibiotics for injections of cephalosporin group for 7 different names of medical preparations.